Saddle up with PONYLAND for a ride into a heady, energetic world of live Samba Reggae, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Afro-beat & Jazz, with an 8-piece Newcastle band.
Expect a plethora of good vibes, animalistic behaviour, grooves that will make your legs move uncontrollably, chaos and authentic energy!

PONYLAND brings together professional musicians from across Newcastle and Cumbria to create a sound that’s unique. Two Drummers, Vocals, lead and bass guitar and a mighty horn section. Something tribalistic this way comes!

Ponyland drummers

After a busy 2017 playing around the North, at Parties and Summer festivals. Some of our Highlights have been, Supporting Shabaka Hutchings (The Comet is Coming) in the Cluny Newcastle, Playing alongside the Mancunian Analog Alien Paddy Steer and Headlining the Carvetti stage at Kendal Calling. Our future 2018 aspirations are to release an album, which we will start recording on January 3rd. Our aim for this album is to capture the raw energy and chaos of our live performances.

“At a typical gig, the performers are on the stage and there’s a barrier between them and the crowd, our aim is to break down that proverbial fourth wall,” Jordie said. “If you think of a drum circle, everyone who’s there is part of it. I’ll be happy if the people who come to our gigs feel like we’re all taking part in something together.” Despite being the band’s guitarist, Jordie writes all Ponyland’s songs starting with the drum rhythms.
“Underlying a lot of the tunes are African polyrhythms, and jazz lovers will also recognise syncopated beats and Improvised passages. Ponylands music explores the themes of friendship, community, the loss of cultures and changing society.
This music will take you through unfamiliar territory to a place you will want to stay… Ponyland!
“Meet Ponyland, the funkiest new group on the scene”